NFS Undercover

No Cops Hack


Aha, you found my Need For Speed Undercover no police hack! I felt like the cops were taking too much fun out of the game with their constant patrol schedules and their psychic abilities. So, with a minor file edit, I kicked them all out of the game! Now, you can zip around without getting dragged into a 10 minute pursuit, and you can even complete some of the police events easily. I recommend that you beat the game first before using this hack, because some police events will be impossible to win.

This little hack is version specific. Which version are you using?

Original game Patched game

How To Install The Hack

  1. Download the file that will match your game version. Don't know? Click the first one.
  2. Extract the downloaded file (Right-click > Extract)
  3. Go to C:/Program Files/EA Games/NFS Undercover/GLOBAL or C:/Program Files (x86)/EA Games/NFS Undercover/GLOBAL. Find the GlobalMemoryFile.bin, and create a backup. Rename it, or copy and paste it in the same folder. This will save you a headache!
  4. Copy the hacked GlobalMemoryFile.bin (Ctrl+C) and paste it in the GLOBAL folder (Ctrl+V)
  5. Play the game. If it doesn't crash two minutes into the game, then it works! If it does crash, try the other link and start over at step 1.


Note, I am no longer supporting any issues or improvements with this hack, due to lack of free time, interest, and need for speed.

Do you need the original GlobalMemoryFile.bin? Here you go.